-BIANCHERIA PER LA CASA E ABBIGLIAMENTO ------ esclusivamente capi in lino, lana e filati naturali, capi per tutti i giorni senza rinunciare a qualita' ed eleganza.   - ITALY, BELGIUM, RUSSIA, GERMANY. The brand is placed in a premium segment and is an entry to luxury brand: entry for women accustomed to buying high-end products, luxury for those close to mass market brands who aspire to enhance their wardrobe with sophisticated, sustainable, and quality. She is 35 to 65 years old and has a good spending power (Golden Shopper). She appreciates fashion but she is not a fashion victim, she wants to keep up with the times, but not a trendsetter. She is cosmopolitan, she gets informed on and offline, she loves culture, she is attentive to environmental and ethical issues.   - HOTELS.

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